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Nashville Photographer | Tips

Practice your Poses: For any photoshoot, it’s so important to practice your poses in front of a mirror. You can learn your best angles and understand how light changes your look in different positions. Posing can be awkward to start, but it can quickly become a fun experience.

Pre-Shoot Details: Cameras pick up a lot more detail than the naked eye so make sure you have prepared. Are your legs shaved/waxed? Are your nails clipped/painted? How is your hair?

Get Some Sleep: Being tired shows on your face and ultimately, your attitude. Try to get at least your 8 hours of sleep before your photo shoot!

Define your Look: Inspiration and Wardrobe prep is an absolutely must for your photo shoot. Think of some trends that you may want aim towards. If you love fashion, lifestyle, or urban styles then you need to gather clothing and accessories that fit them.

Confidence: Attitude is everything. You need to remember that you are unique and be confident in your personality. Everyone gets nervous before a photo shoot, but photographers are skilled at getting the most out of everyone.

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