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Why Hire A Content Creator?

A Content Creator, especially a Videographer or Photographer is key in making any business stand out in terms of Digital Media. They are responsible for things such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media Copy and Management
  • Graphic Design


Content Creation Roles


A Producer handles all things Audio. A Skilled Producer is someone that can bring together Original Ideas as well as Experience and Expertise in Live Sound, Studio Engineering, Mixing and Full Song or Track Production


A Videographer handles all things Video. A Great Videographer is someone that can capture your vision and connect it with others, building movement. A combination of outstanding editing skills and a variety of shooting styles makes for an essential Videographer.


A Photographer handles all things Image Related. A Strong Photographer can work in both low and high lighting conditions and is versatile in many forms of Graphic Content. I specialize in Lifestyle Photography but also handle Weddings, Events, Real Estate and More.

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Music Production

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Creative | Lifestyle

Music Videos

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Chaz Mazzota


As an Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Content Creator, and Marketing Strategist, I encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Music, Videography and Photography Content are three of the most powerful outlets for my creativity and I strive to share that outlet with others.

While developing and crafting my own artist brand and companies, I partner with individuals and businesses that want to stand out above the others by with Content Creation that captures your vision and connects it with the hearts of others.

For those who are looking to expand their lifestyle or brand into something more, I also utilize SEO and Marketing techniques to work side-by-side with my Content Creation for individuals and businesses to identify any current weaknesses as well as strategies to overcome them.

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